Biodiversity Risks and Opportunities

As a responsible investor focused on forestry, land use, and conservation, New Forests understands that biodiversity is critical to safeguarding healthy and resilient ecosystems that are fundamental for the success of the investments we manage.

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is nature – it includes the wide variety of living organisms on Earth, ranging from vertebrates to soil microorganisms to plants.

Why does biodiversity matter?

Biodiversity provides important services to people, including economic, ecological, recreation, cultural, and scientific. Therefore, it has a significant impact on global functioning, including socio-economic stability; global health, peace, and trade; economic development; and gender equality.

What’s happening to global biodiversity?

Since 1900 the world has lost nearly three plant species annually and since 1970, it is estimated that there has been a 68% decrease in wild vertebrate populations. Currently, 25% of plant and animal species are at risk of extinction. While land use change – from agriculture, urbanisation, and other sources – is the greatest driver of biodiversity loss, species overexploitation, invasive species and disease, pollution, and climate change also contribute.

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