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Forestry investments in the United States can be optimised for sustainable timber production, carbon markets, and nature conservation.


New Forests has operated in the United States since 2007, investing in forestry and developing innovative conservation finance projects. We manage investments in forestry assets to deliver sustainable timber production, carbon stock protection, and atmospheric carbon removal.

New Forests’ strategy creates value in US forestry investments through optimised management of forests for timber and carbon credits sold in the California-regulated carbon market, with the aim of driving higher investment returns.

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What we do in the United States

New Forests’ managed portfolio consists of carbon projects and forestland assets across the United States. We apply proprietary geospatial analytics to identify and manage high carbon value forests.

New Forests’ US platform goes beyond traditional forestry management to encompass returns driven by conservation management strategies and the valuation of ecosystem services. We work closely with local communities and Native American Tribes to support their economic and environmental objectives.

Our investment strategies

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