New Forests Timber Products

Established in 2015, New Forests Timber Products brings to the commercial market woodchip and logs from certified plantation forests owned by New Forests’ investment funds.

New Forests Timber Products aims to be the supplier of choice for certified plantation forest products, specialising in the supply of hardwood and softwood woodchips and logs sourced from New Forests’ plantation estates.

Experience You Can Trust

New Forests Timber Products is a member of the New Forests Group and operates across the Asia-Pacific region with primary exports from the Australian ports of Burnie, Launceston, and Hobart in Tasmania, Portland in Victoria, and Albany in Western Australia, as well as ports in Southeast Asia and New Zealand.

Through close alignment with New Forests’ plantation resources, New Forests Timber Products is the focal point for the wood fibre distribution of assets under management to the commercial market.

NFTP is the focal point for the distribution of wood fibre to the commercial market.

Our products

Our timber products come from certified forestry estates in Australasia – specialising in high-quality, hardwood and softwood chip and log from Australia’s finest eucalyptus plantations.

We are proud that our plantations are what we call selective breeding, where we select the best tree types based on a number of factors, with no genetic modifications.

New Forests Timber Products also provides timber sales services in support of New Forests’ other plantation investments, with plantation softwoods in New Zealand and plantation hardwoods in Southeast Asia.

We offer customers a connection to high-quality plantation resources that deliver wood fibre with consistent and reliable specifications.  Our business model provides access to an efficient, well-managed supply chain and removes the overhead costs of intermediaries. This straightforward supply chain and our plantation partners’ experience in forest management and harvesting, means that New Forests Timber Products delivers the product clients need, and on time.

Our Plantation Resources

New Forests Timber Products brings to the commercial market woodchip and logs from certified plantation forests owned by New Forests’ investment funds. These premier forestry estates include two of Australia’s most iconic, large-scale hardwood assets, Forico and the Forestry Investment Trust. New Forests Timber Products also works closely with the forest managers who operate and manage these and other New Forests plantations on a day-to-day basis across both Australia and New Zealand.

  • Forestry Investment Trust (FIT) – The FIT estate includes more than 110,000 hectares of certified Eucalyptus globulus plantations. The estate is concentrated in Great Southern regions of Western Australia and the productive Green Triangle region of Victoria and South Australia. FIT operational forestry management and export is managed by PF Olsen Australia.
  • Forico Pty Limited manages around 100,000 hectares of certified plantation estate in Tasmania known as the Forico estate. The species are Eucalyptus nitens, Eucalyptus globulus and Pinus radiata. Currently, Forico is licensed to process up to 2.6 million green metric tonnes per annum for export. Forico exports through the Ports of Burnie, Launceston and Hobart in Tasmania.

Certification schemes

Each of New Forests’ plantation resources is managed by external property managers and certified under a third-party forest certification scheme. Certification information for current products marketed by New Forests Timber Products can be viewed at the adjacent links.

  • Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) – Including products certified under Responsible Wood certification, which is endorsed by PEFC. Reproduced with the permission of Responsible Wood.
  • Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) – Able to provide FSC Forest Management or FSC Controlled Wood products.
  • New Forests is FSC® non-certificate license holder FSC-N002114. FSC® is not responsible for and does not endorse any financial claims on investments.  Product certificate information varies based on the related forest management unit and product type. Information available on request.
  • Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) Core Labour Requirements Policy Statement, found here.

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