Australia & New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand offer access ​to mature forestry and agriculture markets, and new opportunities from ​growing Asian demand, carbon finance and the circular bioeconomy.


New Forests has operated in Australia and New Zealand since 2005.

We are one of the largest forestry investment managers by area in Australia and a significant forest owner in New Zealand.

Australia and New Zealand offer investors a low-risk sovereign environment with strong underlying demand for wood products and agricultural commodities.

The region offers optionality around land management, and rising carbon prices create opportunity to manage landscapes for sustainable timber and agriculture production alongside climate change mitigation outcomes.

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What we do in Australia & New Zealand

New Forests’ managed portfolio consists of sustainable eucalyptus and pine plantations, agricultural properties, conservation areas, infrastructure and timber processing, and carbon projects.

We focus on continuous improvement in genetics, management and cost structure; apply leading information systems and spatial analytics; actively develop end-markets; and apply a rigorous ESG approach to create value for our clients and communities.

Importantly, none of New Forests’ Australian timber sourcing or timber investments involve harvesting of natural forests.

Our investment strategies

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