Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia offers access to growing regional timber demand and rising carbon markets with the opportunity to generate high impact around climate change mitigation, community development, and biodiversity.


New Forests has operated in Southeast Asia since 2008 and launched the first institutional Southeast Asia forestry fund. We are the only global forestry investment manager with a dedicated presence in the region.

Southeast Asia is exposed to rising regional demand for timber products, correlated with growing wood products manufacturing and rising GDP.

The growing demand from the voluntary carbon market is creating new investment opportunities in conservation and ecosystem restoration.

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What we do in Southeast Asia

New Forests’ portfolio consists of sustainable tropical hardwood plantations, conservation areas, and timber processing.

We deliver value through investment in sustainable plantation forestry integrated with climate change mitigation, biodiversity, and rural livelihoods.

We focus on enhancing forestry management, improving local management and human capital, and developing new markets through forestry, carbon finance, and processing.

Our investment strategies

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