Land on the iconic Pacific Coast Trail protected forever


The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a historic national trail that spans 2650 miles across California, Washington and Oregon. Accessible to the public for hikes and weekend trips, the PCT showcases some of the most scenic and diverse terrain in the western United States, traversing 25 national forests and seven national parks.

One of New Forests’ forestry estates, Shasta Cascade Timberlands, encompasses the Girard Ridge tract which passes through the iconic Pacific Crest Trail.

Key Initiative

The Pacific Crest Trail Association whose mission is to protect and preserve the PCT, together with the Trust for Public Land, a nonprofit that works with communities to protect and create parks, approached New Forests to transfer the land to public ownership.

In July 2023, New Forests reached an agreement to sell almost 1200 acres of land, known as the Girard Ridge tract in Northern California to the Trust for Public Land.

Under the agreement, this tract that contains a 2.5-mile stretch of the historic Pacific Crest Trail will be transferred to the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and public access will be protected forever.

Hikers and visitors will have permanent access to this section of the Pacific Crest Trail in which to enjoy the spectacular trail and mountain scenery.


Permanently ensuring public access to this section of the iconic PCT aligns with New Forests vision of shared prosperity for the communities where we operate.

Delivering on Sustainable Development Goals

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