Life changing scholarships and education support from Mekong Timber Plantations


Mekong Timber Plantations (MTP), a New Forests portfolio company is Laos, is committed to enhancing the livelihoods of local communities. One means of doing this is by facilitating access to tertiary education.

Mtp scholarship program2

Key Initiative

In July 2022, MTP launched its Major Guidance Program. MTP representatives visited local high schools to answer questions about tertiary-education opportunities and courses of study in Laos, and provide information about different majors, including descriptions, career opportunities, high-school preparation and application requirements for programs. MTP visited 12 schools and reached an estimated 1,800 students.

MTP also extended scholarships to four students from villages adjacent to MTP operations. These students showed particular promise in their respective fields of study, specifically environmental management, land management, forestry and social development.


The scholarships are transformational, with the capacity to make great changes in the lives of the recipients. Scholarships also provide student-support services, which contribute to students’ academically and personally; they include consultation on academic-skills development and support for students who may have difficulties learning or adapting to university life, therefore helping scholarship-holders to grow personally and professionally.

MTP is strongly committed to the mission of community development, and scholarships are one piece in a jigsaw that can build a solid foundation for the long-term success of project communities.

Delivering on Sustainable Development Goals

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