Timberlink First of its Kind Renewable, Carbon Positive Timber

Timberlink announces first mill in Australia to manufacture cross laminated timber and glue laminated timber.


Timberlink, a business owned by New Forests’ ANZFF, has announced plans to build a cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glue-laminated timber (GLT) manufacturing facility in Tarpeena, South Australia.

These engineered wood products will be branded NeXTimber® by Timberlink and provide an Australian-made renewable and carbon positive timber building solution for commercial, residential, and public projects.

Key Initiative

Production at the new manufacturing facility will commence in 2023. The mill will create 27 jobs in the first operating year, peaking to 50 when fully operational. It will be the first combined CLT/GLT plant in Australia, making it uniquely positioned to meet increasing demand for these products and reduce Australia’s reliance on imported materials.


CLT and GLT are produced from thin pieces of timber glued together to make a larger, stronger panel. These materials are primarily used for residential and midrise buildings as they are cost effective, enhance liveability, and allow for simple, efficient construction. They are sustainable alternatives to traditional building materials, such as steel or concrete not only due to the carbon stored in the wood products but also because they substitute for products that themselves are GHG emissions intensive. Increasing the use of CLT and GLT in construction and reducing equivalent amounts of emissions-intensive building materials, could reduce the sector’s overall carbon footprint.

CLT and GLT are also important aspects of the circular bioeconomy, which refers to the sustainable production, use, recycling, and retirement of materials and products. Innovation and market development for advanced wood products supports New Forests’ commitment to advancing the circular bioeconomy across our value chain.

Delivering on Sustainable Development Goals

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